Our approach comes from the fusion between science and nature for the creation of cosmetic products with proven and tested efficacy. We always test the active principles in a respectful way with the environment and in order to determine their effectiveness in each treatment and in each type of skin.

No cosmetic product of Noray is tested on animals, in addition none of them contains parabens, or silicones, or mineral oils and of course neither PEGS or SLES. We do not seek to highlight the Noray Cosmetics brand as a 100% natural, non-toxic brand, since We believe that no product intended to be applied to face, hair or body should have toxic. On the contrary, we believe that this should be an obligation, not a marketing strategy, like the fact that the products are cruelty free.


No cosmetic products from Noray are tested on animals, and none of them contain parabens, silicones, mineral oils and, of course, PEGS or SLS.


If you think like us, you are part of the Noray team.

  • Our mission:
  • Provide a treatment with high concentration of active ingredients that is specific and effective for each type of skin. Always with products that respect the environment and the skin of each person.


  • Our vision:
  • Create ranges of complete treatments that provide health inside and beauty on the outside in all people, being referents of an elegant and natural beauty, which we call Noray beauty.


  • Our values:
  • Transparency, closeness, human quality, quality, sustainability.